Music for Relaxation and Meditation


Crackling Fire background music

Crackling Fire features log cabin fire with wood crackling sound that will help you meditate, sleep, relax, concentrate or maybe even help you withdraw from the outside world and re-find your inner self.

The burning of wood is always unpredictable, but the general sound of this is very relaxing. This recording of a log cabin fire is perfect for relaxing, focusing, blocking everything out, helping falling asleep at night, and any other occasion where you just want to drift away.

Suggested for: meditation, sleep, relaxation, concentration


Sunshower background music

Sunshower has crystal clear sun-shower rainfall. There is no loud thunder claps or wind, it was truly a glorious sunlit day. As the clouds rolled over and the rain started to fall, a rainbow appeared on the horizon. It might sound really cheesy, but it simply was one of those picturesque days. Use this to fall asleep to. It even relaxes your pets too!

Suggested for: sleep, relaxation


Daydreams background music

Daydreams is a wonderfully tranquil composition that is perfect for meditation and deep relaxation. Slow moving sounds swirl around a backdrop of forest birdsong, while the delicate sound of chimes sprinkled lightly throughout the music create a sense of lightness and purity. Daydreams is an extraordinarily serene musical creation that will leave you feeling utterly relaxed and at peace.

Suggested for: meditation, relaxation


Ascension background music

Go on, close your eyes and listen to the sample and experience this euphoric meditation music for yourself. Ascension will uplift you to an elevated state of consciousness whilst relaxing you to your core. As this hour of music unfolds, Ascension never strays too far from the theme that you hear in this preview and contains no sudden musical events that could ever jolt you from a state of deep relaxation. This magical soundscape will captivate your awareness and sooth your mind without ever becoming a distraction.

Suggested for: deep relaxation


Adrift background music

Whenever you’re in the mood to relax, soften your mood and lift the atmosphere around you, Adrift is the perfect music choice. This music is very, very gentle. You’ll hear no chimes, no pianos or extravagant instrumentation, no unexpected changes in volume or tempo; just a soothing musical experience that leads to effortless relaxation.
Adrift is wonderful background music for formal meditation or for when you’re ready to drift off to sleep, but you can also listen to this music anytime you want to lower your stress levels and feel more at ease – while you’re reading a book, while your at your computer, or after a long day at work.

Suggested for: relaxation, lower stress